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Exterior Window Cleaning Specialists In Matthews

Exterior Window Cleaning

Even if you don't mind cleaning your home's interior windows, cleaning them on the outside is significantly more labor-intensive and time-consuming. If you need a quick and reliable way to take care of your exterior window cleaning needs, treat your home to the expert pressure washing services of Matthews's pro pressure washer, Clear Horizon Window Cleaning! Our pressure washing cuts through the grimy and cloudy buildup to restore your exterior windows to dazzling brightness in no time!

Professional Window Washer

Pressure washing is a great, quick option for exterior window cleaning, but it requires a careful approach. Pressure washing the glass too close or with pressure that is too high can leave you with a broken window! It's important to choose a safe, smart pressure washing option- and when you need safe and smart pressure washing for Matthews homes, you need Clear Horizon Window Cleaning!

We ensure a home-safe exterior window cleaning by using the safer soft washing approach rather than standard, high-powered pressure washing. Soft washing has just enough *push* behind it to wash off mineral deposits,  bird droppings, grime, and other tough stains without putting your glass under duress. Combined with our eco-friendly window cleaning detergents, our exterior window cleaning is safe, swift, and sure to make your windows sparkle!

Exterior window cleaning doesn't just make your windows look pretty in the moment. The tiny particles that build up in the grime and mess on your glass slowly etch and cloud up your windows. By getting them cleaned regularly, you're extending the lifespan of your windows and keeping them bright and transparent for years to come!

Tidy Up Your Home's Facade With Gutter Cleaning!

Bright, clean windows reflect the light better than smudgy, dirty windows do, enhancing the brightness of your home's appearance. Window cleaning is only one way you can boost your home's exterior appearance. Getting dirty gutters cleaned and emptied can also boost your curb appeal.

Gutter cleaning is far more important than mere curb appeal improvement, however. Your gutters must be regularly cleaned put and inspected to ensure they can continue to reroute rainwater from your home and protect it from water damage. The trouble with gutter cleaning is that it's difficult,  time-consuming, and even dangerous! If you are not too keen on tackling dirty gutters, don't worry- we'd be glad to handle them for you, downspouts and all. When it comes to keeping your home safe, clean, and beautiful,  Clear Horizon Window Cleaning is always glad to be of service!

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